Visit Real Cities pledges to protect your privacy while on the platform. Visit Real Cities also pledges to provide a safe virtual environment for its users. While you are required to provide an active email address to login and create an avatar account, your information will be anonymized once you enter the virtual world and any data collected relating to your interactions as you move around will not be tied back to your personal information. A valid email is required to create an avatar and to enter the virtual world in order to ensure a level of safety within the community and allow Visit Real Cities to warn or disable the accounts of users exhibiting inappropriate behavior or engaging in harassment of other users.

Peer to peer communications will be encrypted but any speech in the public domain will be monitored and moderated if unacceptable speech is identified. Please visit the terms and conditions for details on what constitutes unacceptable speech on the platform.

Visit Real Cities is platform that partner organizations pay to have a presence on. Each partner’s virtual experience may have different privacy terms upon entering their virtual spaces. In those cases they will be required to acknowledge their terms and request your consent upon entry. That information will not be shared with Visit Real Cities.



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